Swiss Energize negative ions
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The world's first ionization technology for manufacturers.

An innovative Swiss technology that ionizes your product.

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Introducing Swiss Ionization Technology into your manufacturing line.

Swiss Energize™ has just released a new and pioneering Ionization technology for manufacturers. Applied during the production process, it is engineered to ionize materials for their life cycle.

An ionized product can help increase mental and physical performance, improve skin appearance and metabolism, alleviate fatigue and breathing difficulties, improve sleep and more. By applying our Ionization Technology to your product materials, manufacturers can serve the growing demand for healthier, smarter products and gain a strong competitive advantage in the rapidly growing health conscious market.

Benefits for Manufacturers

  • Satisfy consumer demands for healthier, smarter products
  • Measurable positive effect from your product
  • Applicable to any material: wood, metal, plastic, rubber, glass, textiles, powder etc
  • Easily adjusted to fit existing production process
  • Swiss reliability and quality
  • 16 years in development

What ionization can do for your product and brand?

For the first time manufacturers can now ionize their product materials using Swiss Ionization technology.

An ionized product is an innovative new solution in the area of wellness and lifestyle products, sustainable business and social consciousness.


Consumers are increasingly moving away from brands whose values they do not agree with. They are no longer simply interested in the products themselves, but rather what the companies are doing to provide better, healthier, smarter products.

Producing an ionized product allows you to stand out as a positive lifestyle solution for the most important people of all: your customers.

Inviting Manufacturers

Lead the way in green design with an ionized product. The future of green technology is in the presence of natural, healthy frequencies found in the items we use everyday. Our ionization technology can help you create a healthier product, brand and lifestyle.

Give us a call or send us an email to find out how we can implement ionization technology into your manufacturing line.

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